Welcome to Beyond Birth Trauma

The birth of a baby is a momentous time.

We often think of the Birth of a Baby as a time of joy and great happiness, a wonderful experience that stays with us forever.

However sometimes birth can be difficult, leaving new parents struggling. Their experience can be so overwhelming, that it leaves them feeling devastated, even traumatised. Instead of wonderful memories, they are left with pain and heartache. New parents may feel that life has become tainted by their ordeal and may have feelings they do not understand.

This is called Birth Trauma.

There can be many reasons the birth of a baby can be difficult. What matters is how it has made those affected feel. Birth Trauma is individual and affects everyone in different ways.

When Birth Trauma happens those affected can feel confused, angry and even guilty. They can feel alone and can be unsure where to turn for help or support. Sometimes they may even have scary and frightening thoughts. Sadly often they will be told that a healthy baby is what is important, to move on, and to try and forget their experience.

However when the birth of a baby is traumatic its is important that this is acknowledged and support offered to families.

Beyond Birth Trauma offers awareness and help.

If you have been touched by birth trauma, you do not have to struggle alone with your feelings and pain. There is help, and it is possible to heal and recover.

Beyond Birth Trauma is a place of hope and support.

You may feel like your pain will never ease, that the anger you feel will always burn. You may feel that your life is in the shadow of trauma, with no escape. But, there is hope and life beyond Birth Trauma.

All my love, Emma Jane