About Emma Jane


“I have tried to channel
my experience and feelings into helping others”

It is really hard to write a page about yourself. I’ve sat here for quite a while, fingers poised over the keyboard, thinking about how to describe me, Emma Jane, who I am, my life, and everything in between.

I am a mother to two beautiful daughters that fill my life with fun, chatter, vibrancy and surprises. My passion is to improve support for women and their families that have experienced birth trauma, perinatal mental health issues, had a premature baby and the difficult journey of neonatal.

I am a postnatal doula, CBT and Mindfulness practitioner. I am also privileged to work for the NHS supporting women in pregnancy and beyond with their general health and wellbeing, but also their emotional/mental health. I support perinatal mental health services, both nationally and locally to affect change in policy and care services to make sure there is awareness of how birth trauma impacts on maternal emotional wellbeing.

My greatest desire is to improve the culture of birth.

I had my first daughter at only 22 and sadly had a very traumatic birth which nearly cost me and my baby our lives. I didn’t realise it at the time, but my birth experience and awful postnatal care resulted in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Unfortunately my PTSD was not diagnosed till many years later.

I seek to use my experience to help others who also have suffered birth trauma, and also to educate health professionals on the impact of trauma from birth. Im part of #Matexp. I also run a birth trauma and PTSD support website, facebook and twitter page called ‘Unfold your wings‘ to raise awareness of PTSD and birth trauma.

You can read more about my journey here.

Im quirky, creative, sometimes a little dipsy, and definitely emotional, but I don’t mind being different. I will admit that I also love things that sparkle. Im passionate and sometimes a little insecure. I love butterflies, flowers and all things nature. I like nothing more than taking my camera to wonderful and interesting places and capturing life with all it’s magic.

So there you have it! I know that life is a journey, sometimes you will go down a path that may lead to a place you never dreamed of, there is always so much to learn, so much you can get involved in and lots to enjoy. On the road of life you will hit bumps and sometimes they seem like mountains, but they seek to teach us about ourselves and about others. Sometimes things happen that change us forever, but even the bad can be used for good.

May you believe in yourself, your power to make a difference in this world, and that even out of the darkest of experiences, life can still be wonderful and you have so much to give.

May these words hold true for you too,



Love Emma Jane