Birth Reflection Sessions


The Birth of your baby is life changing.

It has a profound effect on You, your family and the start of your parenting journey.

If your birth does not go as you had planned or hoped, or complications arose meaning the need for interventions, or you suffered poor care, if your baby was born early and admitted to a neonatal unit then you can be left struggling to come to terms with your feelings.

In some cases you can even feel deeply traumatised from everything you have been through.

How you feel about your birth experience matters.


Being able to processing your feelings and being able to talk with someone you trust is important to healing. When we are able to share our pain, grieve the loss of a wanted experience, tell our story knowing we are not alone, it can support the transition to parenthood, acceptance of what we have experienced, and help with the first steps towards healing.

Especially can this be important for future pregnancies and births.


A Birth Reflection Session provides space to allow you and/or your partner to talk about your baby’s birth in a safe, trusted way.  This helps you to know your story matters, the way you feel is important and enables you to understand your feelings, grieve the loss of a wanted experience and access the support you need.

If you would like to access a Birth Reflection Session or more information
please contact me.

Birth Reflection sessions are usually on a one-to-one basis and can be done in person (depending on locality), on the phone, by email, facetime or  skype.

In a session;

  • I offer time to listen and explore your birth experience.
  • To discuss the feelings you may have about your birth experience.
  • Identify any triggers and how they are affecting you.
  • What the next steps are to help you on your path to recovery.
  • Support for further pregnancies or births, including birth preferences.

I don’t offer;

  • Therapy for PTSD from birth trauma
  • Debriefs of medical notes.

Is this for me?

  • Are you are looking for support for your feelings about your birth?
  • Do you want to be heard and tell your birth story?
  • Are you wishing to talk through your experience and look at your triggers?
  • Do you want to explore your feelings around a current pregnancy or approaching birth?

What is the cost of a Birth Reflection Session? – I ask for a small fee to cover my time only.

Birth reflection sessions can support you to move Beyond Birth Trauma.


I am a trained Postnatal Doula, I have been working for the NHS in neonatal, maternity, paediatrics’ and community health for over seven years. I am a qualified CBT andMindfulness practitioner, a Solihull Approach practitioner, including training in trauma. I hold a QCF level 3 qualification in maternity and paediatric care and a MHFA mental health first aid qualification. I also have peer support training, basic counselling training and Perinatal Mental Health training including Maudsley Simulation training. I believe my greatest qualification is lived experience of Birth Trauma, Perinatal PTSD/Anxiety and have made the journey to what I call ‘recovery’.